Anya Savikhin Samek


Email:   Office Phone: (608) 262-5498
Office Location: 4214 Nancy Nicholas Hall (1300 Linden Drive)

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I use experimental economics methods (lab and field) to address questions about individual motivations and the effect of information and incentives across three broad contexts: charitable giving, child health and behavior, and the impact of visual information display on decision-making. I teach Consumer and the Market (CONS 477) and Experimental Economics (CONS 901) [ see CS901 syllabus ].

    My Research
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Work in Progress

"Pay- or Discount- What You Want Pricing and Charitable Giving," with John List.
   [ Poster for UCSD Field Experiments in Marketing Conference 2014 ]

"Effect of Visual Representation and Experience on Asset Market Bubbles," with Tim Cason.
    [ Presentation Slides, North American ESA 2013

"The Power of Visual Tools and Stories: Improving Financial Literacy through Online Interventions," with Annamaria Lusardi, Arie Kapteyn, Angela Hung, Lewis Glinert and Aileen Heinberg.
   [ Presentation Slides, BeFi 2013
] [ BeFi 2013 Video ]

"Share Everything and Don't Take Things that Aren't Yours: Moral Cost in Giving Develops Early," with John List and Michael Price. [ Presentation Slides, AEA/ASSA 2014 ]

"White Milk or Chocolate? A Field Experiment on the Impact of Prompts and Incentives on Student Lunchroom Choices," with John List. [ Presentation Slides, RIDGE 2014 Workshop ]

Working Papers

"Do People Anticipate Loss Aversion?" with Sally Sadoff and Alex Imas.
   [ Download at SSRN ]

"When Charities Compete: A Laboratory Experiment with Simultaneous Public Goods," with Justin Krieg.
   [ Download at SSRN ]

"When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public Goods," with Roman Sheremeta"
   [ Download at SSRN ]

“The Behavioralist as Nutritionist: Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Improve Child Food Choice and Consumption,” with John List. (First draft: October, 2011. Second draft: January 2012).
[ Download at SSRN coming soon ]

“An Experimental Study of Group Composition and Contributions to Multiple Public Goods,” with Matthew McCarter and Roman Sheremeta. Group and Organization Management, Revise and Resubmit. [ Download at SSRN ]

“The Effect of Information and Recognition on Contest Bids,” with Shakun Datta Mago and Roman Sheremeta. Under Review. [ Download at SSRN ]

“An Experimental Study of Information Search with Interactive Technology,” with Ji Soo Yi, Sung-Hee Kim, and Inkyoung Hur. Under Review. [ Download at SSRN ]

“’Feel the Warmth’ Glow: A Field Experiment on Manipulating the Act of Giving,” with Amanda Chuan.
[ Download at SSRN ]

“Motivating Contributions in an Online Community: Rewards, Social Messages and Observation Cues,” with Gerhard Klimeck. Under Review. [ Download at SSRN ]

Recent & Forthcoming Published Papers

“Recognizing Contributors: An Experiment on Public Goods,” with Roman Sheremeta,
     Experimental Economics. [ Link to EE ]

"Borrowing Capacity and Financial Decisions of Low-to-Moderate Income First-Time Homebuyers," with Caezilia Loibl, Stephanie Moulton and Michael Collins. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2013.

"Is there a Gender Gap in Preschoolers' Competitiveness? An Experiment in the U.S." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013.
    [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to JEBO ]

"Simultaneous Decision-Making in Competitive and Cooperative Environments," with Roman Sheremeta. Economic Inquiry, 2013. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to EI ]

"Exploring the Origins of Charitable Acts: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment with Young Children," with John List. Economic Letters, 2013. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to Letters ]

"An Experimental Study of Reputation with Heterogeneous Goods." Decision Support Systems, 2013.
    [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to DSS ]

"Behavioral Spillovers in Coordination Games," with Tim Cason and Roman Sheremeta. European Economic Review, 2012. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to EER ]

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