Anya Savikhin Samek

: (773)-609-0425
: Saieh 436,  University of Chicago

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at the University of Chicago.

I use experimental methods (lab and field) to address questions about how economic theory can predict behavior primarily in the areas of health and charitable giving. I'm also  interested in human capital formation, and in using experiments to measure the development of preferences.
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Presentation Slides

"A University-Wide Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job Entry Decisions," single authored.
     [ Presentation Slides ESA 2014 ]

"Moral Cost in Giving Develops Early," with John List and Michael Price.
    [ Presentation Slides, AEA/ASSA 2014 ]

"A Field Experiment on the Impact of Prompts and Incentives on Student Lunchroom Choices," with John List.
    [ Presentation Slides, RIDGE 2014 Workshop ]

Research Papers

“The Behavioralist as Nutritionist: Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Improve Child Food Choice and Consumption,” with John List. Journal of Health Economics, forthcoming.
  [ NBER Working Paper No. 20132 ] [ Profiled at The Economist Blog ] [ Listen to Freakonomics Podcast ]

“’Feel the Warmth’ Glow: A Field Experiment on Manipulating the Act of Giving,” with Amanda Chuan. in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

    [ Download at SSRN ]  [ Read about it in the New York Times ]

“Recognizing Contributors: An Experiment on Public Goods,” with Roman Sheremeta, in Experimental Economics.
    [ Link to EE ]

"Five Steps to Planning Success. Experimental Evidence from US Households" with Aileen Heinberg, Angela Hung, Arie Kapteyn, Annamaria Lusardi and Joanne Yoong. Oxford Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.
   [ NBER Working Paper ]

"Is there a Gender Gap in Preschoolers' Competitiveness? An Experiment in the U.S." published in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.
    [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to JEBO ]

"Visual Tools and Narratives: New Ways to Improve Financial Literacy" with Annamaria Lusardi, Arie Kapteyn, Angela Hung, Lewis Glinert and Aileen Heinberg.
  [ NBER Working Paper ]  [ Presentation Slides, BeFi 2013
] [ BeFi 2013 Video ] [ Profiled at WSJ Blog ]
  [ Try the visual tool! ] [ Watch our video ]

"Visual Representation and Observational Learning in Asset Market Bubbles," with Tim Cason.
   [ Download PDF from Tim's website ]

"Do People Anticipate Loss Aversion?" with Sally Sadoff and Alex Imas.
   [ Download at SSRN ]

"When Charities Compete: A Laboratory Experiment with Simultaneous Public Goods," with Justin Krieg.
   [ Download at SSRN ]

"When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public Goods," with Roman Sheremeta.
   [ Download at SSRN ]

“The Effect of Information and Recognition on Contest Bids,” with Shakun Datta Mago and Roman Sheremeta. Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Conflict Resolution. [ Download at SSRN ]

“An Experimental Study of Group Composition and Contributions to Multiple Public Goods,” with Matthew McCarter and Roman Sheremeta. Revise and Resubmit at Group and Organization Management. [ Download at SSRN ]

“An Experimental Study of Information Search with Interactive Technology,” with Ji Soo Yi, Sung-Hee Kim, and Inkyoung Hur. Under Review. [ Download at SSRN ]

“Motivating Contributions in an Online Community: Rewards, Social Messages and Observation Cues,” with Gerhard Klimeck. [ Download at SSRN ]
Recent Published Papers

"Borrowing Capacity and Financial Decisions of Low-to-Moderate Income First-Time Homebuyers," with Caezilia Loibl, Stephanie Moulton and Michael Collins. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2013.

"Simultaneous Decision-Making in Competitive and Cooperative Environments," with Roman Sheremeta. Economic Inquiry, 2013. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to EI ]

"Exploring the Origins of Charitable Acts: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment with Young Children," with John List. Economic Letters, 2013. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to Letters ]

"An Experimental Study of Reputation with Heterogeneous Goods." Decision Support Systems, 2013.
    [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to DSS ]

"Behavioral Spillovers in Coordination Games," with Tim Cason and Roman Sheremeta. European Economic Review, 2012. [ Download at SSRN ] [ Link to EER ]

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